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We’ve had a plethora of prestigious performers at CAJ since we started…
…and sooner or later, they’ll be back! Our thanks to:

Tom Green: trombone

Glen Manby: sax

Steve Lodder: keys

Simon Spillett: sax

Shireen Francis: vocals

John Etheridge: guitar

Robert Fowler: sax

Marco Marconi: piano

Rob Luft: guitar

Dave O’Higgins: sax

Andi Hopgood: vocals

Pete Oxley: guitar

Jo Harrop: vocals

Gunther Kurmayr: piano

Josh Kemp: sax

Christian Brewer: sax

Mario Bakuna: guitar/vocals

Adele Sauros: sax

Monica Vasconcelos: vocals

Sarah Moule & Simon Wallace: vocals and piano

Dave Lewis: sax

Liam Dunachie: keys

Kevin Fitzsimmons: vocals

The Pete Oxley/Nic Meier guitar project

Zoe Francis: vocals

Jim Mullen: guitar

Derek Nash: sax

Mark Jennett: vocals

Julian Costello: sax

Mick Foster: saxophones

Trudy Kerr: vocals

Renato D’Aiello: saxophone

Nicolas Meier: guitar

Alan Barnes: reeds

Kate Williams: piano

Al Cherry: guitar

Tina May: vocals

Nick Payn: sax

Nick Pentelow: sax

Bob Haddrell: keys

Sara Dowling: vocals

Yaron Stavi: bass

Ed Jones: sax

Deirdre Cartwright: guitar

Alison Rayner: bass

Ife Tolentino: guitar

Alex Garnett: sax

The Toots Project feat. Phil Hopkins: harmonica

Jonathan Gee: piano

Martin Shaw: trumpet

Art Themen: sax

Adam Glasser: harmonicaJust East

Tim Lapthorn: piano

Benet McLean: violin

Rob Townsend: sax

Pete Long: reeds

Robert Carter: piano

Nigel Price: guitar

Rachel Sutton: vocals

Roland Perrin: piano

Tom Ridout: reeds

Geoff Gascoyne: bass

Roger Beaujolais: vibes

Geoff Eales: piano

Mike Gorman: piano

Andy Panayi: sax

Liane Carroll: vocals/piano

Geoff Castle: piano

Sarah Moule: vocals

Simon Wallace: piano

Lily Dior: vocals

Stewart Curtis: woodwind

Mark Adelman: piano

Leon Greening: piano

Martin Speake: sax

John Parricelli: guitar

Jamie Safir: piano

Maciek Pysz: guitar

Rob Barron: piano

Anita Wardell: vocals

Ian Shaw: vocals

Hugh Burns: guitar

Julian Stringle: clarinet

Tim Richards: piano

Gilad Atzmon: sax

Judessa Jazz

Mitch Dalton: guitar

John Altman: sax

Roberto Manzin: sax

Phil Scragg: bass

Neil Angilley: keys

Rick Finlay: drums

Jeremy Shoham: sax



The Chandos Arms, 31 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5DS



020 8361 0265

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